HC-05 ERROR(0)

Hi !

I had modify two HC-05 at baud rate 115200.

However, I want to restore those HC-05 to default,

Is there any method to communicate at 115200 (RX) that using Arduino ?

It is because Software serial can not handle this.

I found some use FTDI, but can I use Arduino instead ?

Many thx.

What you want to do is far from clear. If you want to revert to default settings you need to go into AT made and work at 38400, which is the only speed for working in that made. You should already know that because, if you set it 115200, that's what you did. Perhaps you never set it at 115400, you just thought you did, but you are right, you are wasting your time trying to use software serial at that speed.

If you want to use Arduino at 115400, you can do that using the proper hardware serial, pins 0,1 as clearly marked.