HC-05 / HC-06 Can send data to computer but won't receive commands...

I've stepped through the .pdf circulating about basic bluetooth connection and have thoroughly cross examined my work but still unsuccessful in this one area:

I am trying to communicate with my project via a cheap bluetooth module/dongle on my windows system. I have verified that the sketch is working when using the USB cable. When I remove cable and use the bluetooth as my COM port, the sketch can send information to the computer via the COM but I can't get a message to the board via my computer.

I tried using the MySerial commands and different pins, but I get the same result. I can send messages via another pin but it still won't receive. I also used a separate bluetooth module trying both the HC-05 and HC-06 just to cover the bases.

The connections are right (TX to RX of Arduino etc.) just no luck with two way communication. I saw a couple of other posts like this but after many long hours fighting it, I believe that they just kind of got lucky...! So I'm hoping for some help or some luck! Please let me know if you've seen this before...

I believe that they just kind of got lucky...!

Probably not. It is more likely that you have gotten a bit unlucky.

You seem to be doing all the right things, most particularly that you understand that you can prove the code is kosher by testing it with the USB cable. But this only applies when you are using hardware serial, pins 0,1. I suggest you stay well away from any software serial.

One-way traffic proves the wiring is the right way round but there could still be a mechanical problem.

There may be something wrong with the terminal settings.

Here is some background. You may have been referring to this


I would like to know what went wrong so I can add that to the notes!

I think you agreed that this guy solved his problem by accident... I'll keep you posted if I can find a solution. Those were the tutorials I was referring to. Can you elaborate on possible problems with terminal settings or mechanical problems? I have another arduino on the way so I can eliminate that as a possibility.

Thanks (once again) for the response!

I'm afraid "mechanical problems" was just a smartarse way of saying "bad connection". The only PC terminal I use is RealTerm and it is essentially intuitive. There could be some setting you have missed but I'm only speculating as I have wondered about the ease of getting it right first time.