HC-05 Keeps on disconnecting

I have made this arduino robot which relys on an HC-05 for input. When I connect the HC-05 to my phone it just stops blinking and after a few seconds it shows device connection was lost.
My Code and Schematic Digram.
Have you any ideas about what may be causing the sensor to just stop?

You need to:

  • post your code
  • post a schematic/diagram of your setup.

No one can answer your question without this.

You might also be more enlightening about the power supply. About the only speculation that may be made so far is that it is inadequate, and HC-05 is innocent.

How far apart are the phone and HC05? Bluetooth is pretty short range. No more than about 10 meters max. And that with clear line of sight. No walls, people, furniture, etc. Those will reduce range significantly.

I tried that but still did not work first i was giving it 9v then tried 18v and also 27v but nothing happened.

It meets all your criterias but the HC-05 just stops.

Well, the 9V probably killed it and the 27V drove a spike through it's heart.

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