HC-05 Master <--> Android Phone Slave

Hi All,

I am using an HC-05 with 2.0 firmware. I can get the Android phone to connect perfectly and send/receive data when the HC-05 is slave and the Android Phone is master. My application requires that I reverse the relationship, so that the HC-05 is master. When I do this, I cannot make the devices pair/link. Here is what I am using, and the results:

AT+PAIR=cc6d,a0,ddddb4,20 (phone's address)
(phone asks for PIN, enter 0000, HC-05: OK, LED short blink/2 secs)
(HC-05: OK)
(HC-05: FAIL, LED fast blink and state is INQUIRING, sometimes it returns an inquire line like from AT+INQ with the target address in it)

If I re-power in Data mode, the HC-05 status light blinks erratically (not rhythmically) like it is trying to pair/link and failing, and retrying) and it never pairs.

I have tried AT+SENM with various options, thinking there is an encryption mismatch, but I do not need to do this when HC-05 is in the slave role. I'm sort of grabbing at straws.

Vcc supply current should not be a problem; it should be more than adequate.

Is there a debug output mode? I think no, from the available documentation.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help you may have.

Android problem? I understand you need to ensure your apparently secret Android app is in a listening mode.