HC 05 programming with LEONARDO

can anyone tell me how i can program a hc 05 module with LEONARDO. i already try to do with AT but when i type AT in serial monitor i get nothing , i set the baud rate to 38400 and bothNL and CR and tx ==> tx rx ==> rx gnd ==>gnd vcc ==> +5v En ==> 3.3v and then i hold that tiny push button on hc 05 and turn on the arduino and yes it goes to at mode but i didn't gent anything on Serialmonitor wit AT commands. (i flash a blank sketch before im going to do this)

oh yeah i also flash with Serial1.begin(38400); in void setup but same thing i got which is nothing :confused:

Please read my reply to your other post.

tx ==> tx
rx ==> rx


Transmit on one device sends to the device that receives it So Tx to Rx and Rx to Tx

First you make wrong circuit because you need only make four connection.

Bluetooth Module – Arduino
VCC – 5V
Gnd – Gnd
RX – by Voltage divider – TX

Because Arduino LEONARDO use 5V logic level and HC 05 use 3.3V logic level.

How did make Voltage divider image available.

You need only two resistor 1k and 2.2 K .