hc-05 reads input with weird charactes in front

hey there,

i have a bluetooth hc-05 modul with an arduino uno. Now i connected the ground, VCC, TXD and RXD pins of the module to gound, 5v, RX, TX of my arduino uno.

The code that is running on the arduino is the following:

char c;
void setup(){

void loop(){
    c = Serial.read();

now i'm using an app called ArduDroid by TechBitar (here). In the app i can send and receive data from the bluetooth module.

Now to the problem...

when i send a character for example "c" it does return *12|99|99|c#. Do the charecter c returns but there are also these characters *12|99|99|in front.

how can i fix this?

Try using a simple terminal programme, like Bluetooth terminal. Also


not print

You may find some useful ideas in Serial Input Basics


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