HC-05 stuck in slave loop mode (role=2)

Hello everybody!

I am very new to Arduino, I know the basic syntax but I can't seem to figure this out, I accidently entered slave loop mode on my HC05 (AT+ROLE=2), and now I can't seem to get our of it! Whatever I enter is just ehoed, I tried AT+RESET and AT+ORGL, and they just got echoed back. Any help would be highly appreciated!


Thank you for your response! But I've went through this and saw no mention on how to exit the slave loop mode, like I said, prior to entering it, I would change roles normally from slave to master using the AT+ROLE=0/1, but after I entered the slave loop (AT+ROLE=2), anything I enter gets echoed back to me, and even when I enter AT+ROLE=0/1, the role won't change! It's just echoed back, thanks again :slight_smile:

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Martyn shows what to do, how to (re-)program it.

Like I said, when I enter AT mode, every command I send is just echoed back and no changes occur. I followed his steps and entered AT mode but like I said, it just echos my at commands, thank you