Hc-05 to Hc-05

So I want to communicate between two arduino uno microcontrollers using two hc-05 bluetooth modules.
I know that one device has to be master and another should be slave.

By default hc-05 is in slave mode. I can change the mode of one module to master using AT commands.

My question is that in order to pair how do I send the Pass key to the other module using AT commands?
There is AT command to pair with a specific bluetooth device by mentioning its address but then I couldnt figure a way to send the Pass key.

At the end I just want to pair these two bluetooth modules and communicate between them.

No need to send the Passkey, the modules usually have a default value (1234) but you could change this on the Slave module and hard code the new Passkey response in the Master module connection code.

I got confused when you said this. But for anyone who might read this incorrectly, he is saying to MAKE THE MASTER AND SLAVE HAVE THE SAME PASSWORDS!!!!! This can be done by using AT commands and entering this:

AT+PSWD= 1234

Do this for the master then do this for the slave!!!!! This should allow you to pair.