I have a hc-05 Bluetooth module at home. I am doing everything right, except when i try to connect it to phone it can’t be connected.

Show a wiring diagram please. Show your code please.

I am so sorry i have a at-09 bluetooth module.

at-09 bluetooth module.

That appears to be a BLE module, not the classic bluetooth you see with an HC05. Can you pair it with the phone? Can you connect to it using an app on the phone?
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I am doing everything right,

You can more or less guarantee this is not true and, now that you at least know what you are holding in your hand, it is time to read reply #1 again. You might also find time to elaborate on exactly what you mean by "it can't be connected". One of the things you might not have gotten right, but just think you have, is a procedural matter at the phone end. It could be that everything at the Arduino end is 100% kosher.

Further, unless your board specifically states that the signal levels are good for 5v, connecting Arduino's 5v Tx pin direct to Bluetooth Rx is not good practice, and you should use a 1k/2k divider to get down to 3.3v. This is not usually a problem, but there is no point in being the first to fry.

Hi, you should probably use a separate app for that, because it uses BLE and the GATT Protocol.

I have used GATTbrowser in the past:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.renesas.ble.gattbrowser&hl=en&gl=US
IOS: ‎GATTBrowser on the App Store

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