HC-06 and ESP8266

Please can you give me some information about:

How many smartphone can connect at same time to ESP8266 ?

How many smartphone can connect to HC-06 at same time ?

Thank you.

i haven't got the ESP8266 (yet...) and i use the HC-05 - i think the only difference with HC-06 is that it can only be a slave module (HC-05 can be slave and master)

i think you only connect ONE phone at a time - Bluetooth depends on PAIRING, no ? i don't think i've ever heard of a BT device connecting to TWO (more than ONE) devices at the same time.

maybe a senior can confirm.

Is the ESP configured as a web server? or captive portal?

And yes.. BT devices can (normally) only pair (connect) with one device at a time..

Like those wireless BT speakers everyone has.. if you connect/pair... you kick the other person off.

HamzaBNK: How many smartphone can connect at same time to ESP8266 ?

AFAIK four in AP mode, but I think that can be changed in software. Seen this somewhere on Github WiFi.softAP(const char* ssid, const char* passphrase, int channel, int ssid_hidden, int max_connection);

There is also the ESP-32, with BT and WiFi. Leo..

thank you for your help,

for now I am studying these two hardwares HC-06 and ESP8266 to choose the most efficient for my project of studies. The goal is to open the door with mobile phone, and I want to see the most secure and efficient solution.

Can you use the HC-05/05 with iPhone?

That may help your decision..