HC-06 Autoconnect (Android)

Hi guys,

this is my first post...I'm very newbie in Arduino world. be kind ;)

I would like that my Android auto-connect to hc-06.

I have paired the device, I can communicate (to and from arduino), but I have always to init the connection from my Android.

I would like something look like the bluetooth headsets: whenever smartphone is nearby (in range) of bluetooth it will connect.

Please, don't say me that I have to buy HC-05...or that I have to do bluetooth polling on my android

thanks in advance!

Hi there,

By default the HC06, and HC05 are supposed to reconnect once a pair has been made. How did you confirm that it's not reconnecting?

I'm using HC06 on my laptop, after pairing the module it created a COM port. Even when the module is turned off the COM port is still available. When I turn on my HC06, all I need to do is just connect to the COM port, and it finds the HC06 associated with that COM port.

I'm assuming the same mechanism should work with android. After pairing it try turning off the module, then turn it back on. After that, try accessing the COM port even if it's "not connected" yet, your Android should try to find the associated HC06 module.

muttley: whenever smartphone is nearby (in range) of bluetooth it will connect.

While the phone service can do this. I think this would only be possible for an app to do this if it is specifically designed to do so, and I'm not aware of any. Typically, you open an app and then make a connection by selecting one from the list of paired devices, and that connection is broken when you change to another bluetooth app. Changing to an HC-05 may be a solution, as it may be programmed as a master and thus may possibly be made to constantly sniff for the phone, but this would depend on the phone. My phone only presents as visible for two minutes, and requires a specific instruction to do that.