HC-06 bluetooth gets disconnected


I have successfully created a RC car powered with Arduino UNO, L298N motor driver, HC-06 bluetooth, tower pro servo, and some reed switch for my lap counter using magnets as sensor. then controlled via bluetooth using an android app.
I’ve been using it for at least a month now, but now, it looks like HC-06 is hanging up. After just a few seconds, android app loses control on the rc car and it hangs up. I need to reset arduoino and it will work again. but same thing will happen of hanging up. I think bluetooth is still connected since the light is still not blinking (on the bluetooth module) but the RX light on arduino uno stops blinking (means stops receiving command message).
I’m not sure if bluetooth module is broken? or arduino is broken? or the wiring?
Is it the wiring? Because One time I replaced all the wiring with new wires, then it works for several minutes, but then the problem goes back again.

I’ve attached my diagram, please check and advice. Thanks in advance


Did you solve your problem ?
I have the same issue with a bluetooth module disconnecting when the servo is connected at the same time.

Your problem could be inadequate power - as it might have been for the other guy.....