HC-06 bluetooth modem


I am trying to use these to connect my arduino uno to my PC wirelessly.

Unfortunately I cannot find a windows xp driver for them.

Windows recognizes the USB device but cannot find the software for it.

Contact the seller. I'm sure they have an excellent tech support team.

This question has nothing to do with the installation of your Arduino. You are trying to "install" a Bluetooth modem, that has nothing to do with Arduino.

Don't expect any help from the sellers in this matter. It has no more to do with them than it has with the Arduino.

First up, ensure you do not have your USB cable connected when working with bluetooth, as the both use the same comms and confusion will reign. If the cable is disconnected, your problem MAY simply be the difference between windows recognising and identifying a USB device, and having it properly installed.

A well-established way run bluetooth is to use the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack.


While I have never succeeded in getting a bluetooth dongle to work on my desktop, this system made the difference between smooth and ragged with it on my Toshiba laptop. This system is also used on my Dell laptops, but they have on-board bluetooth and the Toshiba stack is included with the Dell drivers. All my computers are on XP.

Have a bluetooth dongle plugged in, run the exe file, and stay cool until you see the finished box. Restart the computer as advised.

When it is installed, you should find a bluetooth icon in the right hand tray and you can seach for active connections from there. The HC06 identifies itself by its comport. HC-05s are called "linvor".

Look for the chip which is used. Google it and surely you will find a driver or a How-To. Your module seems to be quite common.

Ebay-sellers are mostly very cheap but sometimes without any support.

I use modules from SENA or BTNetworks. These are more expensive but easy to work with. It's industrial quality for +10 euros.