hc-06 problems

Good evening, I wanted to tell you the following after searching for a lot of information on this topic, I have not found a solution and that is why I am writing to you,
The detail is that I connect this module in my arduino mega tx3 and rx3 so that I do not have to disconnect when uploading a code, it loads it well in this way, the dilemma is that when I try to connect between my android 10 the module finds it but at trying to pair it prompts me for key 1234, I type it in but the module continues to flash, so I understand that it didn't really pair
I downloaded the serial terminal apk and find the module and once I click on the module the module light stays in this loop (it has been off for a while and 2 blinks, it turns off and the loop continues) it does not stay on as it should to be .
Do you know what may be happening? i tried to change the baud but nothing
Also try the above described with the tx0 and rx0 that if disconnecting it to load the code

it has the bc352 chip