Hc-06 receiving strange input

Hi, I've been trying to get an Arduino mega board to communicate with a c# pc program for a few days, and mega --> program works flawlessly, but program --> mega outputs random values.

I tried a lot of diferent things and I'm sure the code works well because when I plug only the board and the Bluetooth it works. Thing is, i need to have 6 ultrasonics sensors + an rc receiver + some lights and chips working with the power source of the board.

Is it possible that not having enough power causes the Arduino board receiver to not function well? Has anyone had any similar experience?

(Bluetooth module works on a different power source, so it isn't the hc-06 fault. With random values i mean i send a "0" from the computer, and instead of receiving a 48, which is it's ASCII value and what i get withouth anything else but the board and the HC-06, i get inconsistent values ranging from 0 to 250 or so)


Thanks. Can I supply a higher voltage to solve that or something?

Changed the power supply of the ultrasonic sensors and now it works well, thanks!

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