HC-06 Trouble

Hi! I'm new to arduino and cannot manage some questions.

A couple of days ago I'v recived HC-06 bluetooth for my arduino Uno board.

I'm an ubuntu user an have a usb bluetooth dongle for my pc.
So I cant make my Arduino board send data with bluetooth conatsntly.

After the HC-06 is connected to the board (RX TX pins or SoftwareSerial - no difference) I'm getting the next:

hcitool scan - gives me the device name and it's MAC adress.

rfcomm connect HC-06 works like charm.

But when I want to see the output from bluetooth (using cat /dev/rfcomm0 or putty serial or my own JSSC based java program)
I see that the data transmission stops after a few seconds.

Here is my arduino programm (as simple aspossible):

void setup() {

void loop() {

The program is simple but I'v tried more complex (using Software serial, as I wrote, etc.)
So when I look at the port monitor provided byArduino IDE everything is ok. ("Test" goes on and on and on...);

But via Bluetooth I could get only 32 to 128 bytes of data, and after that no further data is transmitted. (While the connection is sitll on - the led on my HC-06 is not blinks). For example: TestTestTestTestTestTestTestTest

Have you any Ideas about the reason of such thing?

Also I'll be glad anybody to explain me the next:
When I try to listen to incoming data I cant do it at all. When the arduino program is written to get data from the serial (watch the code)

if (Serial.available() > 0) {
    incomingByte = Serial.read();
    if (incomingByte == "h") {
      digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(led, LOW);


echo "h" > rfcomm0 //linux console

gives no result and for example:

serialPort.writeBytes("h".getBytes()); //java code

gives no result two.

I'll be glad for any help!

Hm, sorry. Appeared that on windows everything works fine. I think it was some usb bluetooth dongle driver or rfcomm issue.