HC-08 AT Commands

Hi! i bought this module: http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-549383338-modulo-bluetooth-40-hc-08-mejor-que-hc-05-compatible-ios-_JM

I have searched a lot about this module and i can't enter into AT commands, someone know how to do it?
I am using an empty sketch, and the next connections:
RX - (2KΩ to Gnd and 1KΩ to RX0)
TX - TX1
Vcc - 3.3 V (Arduino)
Gnd - Gnd
Pin 26 (Key) - 3.3 V (Arduino)


Your wiring is wrong, it is Tx>Rx and Rx>Tx. Rx receives what Tx transmits. As it is a BLE device, I believe it is in AT mode by default, i.e. as soon as power is applied but before you connect to anything, just like an HC-06. If I am correct, you don't need the pin 26 connection. I know there is a picture around indicating pin 26 on an HC-06, and you don't need it there either.

Most AT commands are common, you might start with those for the HM-10.

I too am not able to get any response for AT commands from my HC-08 module even though I set PIN-26 to high on HC-08. My computer is able to discover HC-08, but cannot pair with it. Can anybody please help?