HC-12 Wireless

i made a scoreboard that requires 12 push button switches. I came across this HC-12 module that sends data serially to a maximum of 1.8 km in an open space. i was thinking if i can use this module to replaced my 12 switches to control my scoreboard. Is this possible?

thanks a lot.

Yes it should work! It's communication works via serial port, where you can directly command you scoreboard.

Important: You have to write a little code in order to write the scoreboard. You can't easily use your 12 switches with it, but that makes this project more fun ;) As well you have to make sure to have a receiver not just a transmitter.

I would take any kind of keyboard as Input. Transmit the code to the receiver and write the input in the board.

I hope that was helpful. If you have any questions left, feel free to ask.

Thanks sir. MOre power