HC-SR04 drains all power from arduino uno

I tried following this guide Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 and Arduino Tutorial - HowToMechatronics, i did everything they said, similar code and pins.
I checked multiple times, but when i connect the arduino to the usb with this circut it seems to drain all power from the arduino and shut it off ( the led fades and turns off) when i connect it to the 3.xv instead of 5v it wont work, but the lights of the power will be on and i will be able to downloqd the code.

I bought a new sensor because i thought it was the problem, but i guess not ...

Is the problem with my arduino?

Double check the sensor pins are for the function they say they are.

It would not be the first time a sensor has had wrong labels printed on the pins.
You can usually trace the power and ground quite easily to another components sometimes even visually.

“similar” is not the same as “identical” so you may need to supply your own schematic if you have changed anything eg. board or pins etc.