HC-SR04 module

Hi everyone, i need to use two piezoelectric sensors in order to calculate the distance between them (one is the transmitter and the other one is the receiver) and i know that already exists a shield which use the ping effect between two sensors. The problem is that i need to place the two sensors in a small region of space and one in front of the other one (i don't need the ping effect, the transmitter emits the ultrasound and the receiver receives it) so i can't use the HC-SR04 module. I'd like to know if there is a shield like the HC-SR04 which doesn't have the sensors settled on it so i can link the piezo using some wires. Could you help me? Thanks very much!

If just a matter if spacing you could desolder the two transducers and position them in your project alone with the pcb placed elsewhere connected with coax shielded cable.