HC-SR04 + Music and LEDs

Hi Arduino Forums, i am working on a college project where i have been tasked with building an assistive device for a disabled person. In general terms i am attempting to create a device that uses an ultrasonic range detector to sense an object dropping in front of it. After it senses this it should turn on a small array of LEDs and play a short audio clip. I have looked around the internet for similar examples of what i am attempting to do and found samples of code and images of similar devices. However, i am not incredibly tech minded and most of this does not make sense to me. I get how little bits and pieces of some code works, and i have some super basic knowledge of how i should be wiring my parts together. Currently the most advanced thing i have been able to complete is altering the example code from NewPing, and getting my sensor to get me some readout from that. I am looking for some guidance in how i could go about creating such a device. I feel that any advice or knowledge i could receive here is significantly better than the random YouTube guide. In fact i think i have gotten more confused by searching through different guides and tutorials, as everyone does little bits and pieces of what i want my device to do, but differently.

I currently have the following: Budget Pack for Arduino (Arduino Uno R3) - Uno w/328 Music & sound add-on pack for Arduino - v1.1 (Both of the above are from adafruit) Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor 9 Volt Battery Box HitLights White LED Strip Lights

The budget pack basically includes an Arduino Uno, breadboard, some wires, resistors, and a few LEDs. The music add on pack has a wave shield, a 1 or 2gb SD card and a 3 inch speaker.

I know exactly what i want to do I just have no knowledge of how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am in over my head.

So basically i don't know much about Arduino or wiring circuits and i am trying to figure out how to take the readings I'm getting from my NewPing sketch and my HC-SR04 and altering that to turn on some lights, and music for 10 or so seconds.