HC-SR04 Sensor, Arduino Uno R3, L298N Motor Driver, 12v Fans

Hey everyone, I’m trying to build an autonomous boat. I’d like some guidance on how to wire everything properly.

I’d like the craft to operate in the following manner:


The craft will sense nothing is in front of it and go forward - using both the 12VDC at once in the same direction, through the L298N module.


If the craft ever detects an object at a certain distance of say 12cm, the craft will turn either left or right.


I’d like the craft to be able to use the two 12VDC fans in any direction and at any time so that I can have a forward, reverse, left and right function.

I plan to build the body after I can figure this out. I have read that I can short things out and damage my stuff if I do not do it right.



Sorry for being so unspecific earlier. I'm pretty sure
I have it wired properly, but I'm pretty sure that when
the two fans both peak, they will draw a little too much

I'd like to ask another question in programming.