HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Not Working On Battery Power


So i'm trying to get an HC-SR04 working for a school project. It works when plugged directly into my pc but refuses to work when running on battery power. I'm using a 9V Battery (not 6*1.5V) if that makes a diffrence.

Thanks in advance!

Smoke alarm batteries do not have very much current capability. There should be a warning on every one that says, "Do not use to power Arduino projects".

What Arduino are you using? What is the specified Vcc voltage? What is the, measured, actual Vcc voltage when connected with the battery?

To rule out the battery, you could try hooking it directly up to a 9V bench power supply. Measure current draw on both.

Hi, @gamerglory123

Hopefully not one of these;

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Not exactly a duracell one but very similar.
Does that matter?

What Arduino board are you using?

Yes, it matters. Despite being a 9V battery those batteries have very little current capability. Put your meter across the battery while it is not connected to anything and note the voltage. Now connect the battery and check the voltage again. You will probably see that the voltage has dropped significantly. If the voltage drops to far, the battery can no longer run the Arduino.

A good power supply for experimenting is an old cell phone charger with a regulated 5V output. Connect the 5V output to the 5V pin of the Arduino (if it is a 5V board).

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