HC-SR04 usage query advanced level

Scenrio is:
I have one UNO, and 6 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors connected to this uno…

Question is:

Can I connect the 5v and gnd pin of all 6 HC-SR04 to external 5v dc supply ?

And the trig pin of all 6HC-SR04 to one pin of UNO… so that triger altogether…

And the echo pin of all 6 HC-SR04 are connected to 6 different pins of UNO…so that we receive all different values of all ultrasonic sensors.

Please reply…
And sorry if im asking silly question :confused:

Hi, Some information overall HERE

See Tim Eckel's Library info on how to do 3 or 15 Untrasonic sensors on one UNO... HERE