HC05 Bluetooth AT Command not working


I have two HC05 modules and I am trying to change the configurations using AT command and connecting through USB to serial convertor.

All the AT command works expect for AT+POLAR? and AT+POLAR=1,0.

I get Error[0] in return when I use the above two commands. All other AT commands give appropriate reply.

Attached is the image of the commands that I tried. Any help would be appreciated.

IF you got into AT mode merely by pushing a lttle button. you may find this command requires wiring up to the EN pin

You mean the EN pin should be always high and then run AT+POLAR=1,0 ?

Tired keeping the EN PIN always high and still getting Error[0]

Does that mean you tried and failed, or are you tired of trying? I don't know which commands are on the second tier, but you might find something on the Martyn Currey website.

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