HC05 Bluetooth Questions

I am working on a project using HC05

It is a project that sends data from flex sensors using hc05 and receives data through paired hc05 to operate the motor.

The fast and large amounts of data read by the flex sensor are not accurately received by the hc05.

For example, The data 123456 by flex sensor looks like 123(delay)456 at serial monitor.

I used the codes Serial.begin(9600) and BT.begin(9600).

How can I get the exact value of data when I send Bluetooth data?

I'm sorry for my poor English.…

Try Serial.begin(57600);
And don´t forget to configure the terminal too

The reason for this would probably be revealed in your code, which is apparently a state secret, and it is likely that the HC-05 is entirely innocent. You also need to be a lot more clear about what this project really is. Are you using one HC-05 or two?

Serial Input Basics - updated

Use two hc05s. I want to make a wireless Bluetooth robot hand that mimics movement.
I will transfer the flex sensor value to another hc05 and operate the motor using that value. The code is simple. the flex sensor is read using analogue read, transmitted using BT write, and received data using BT read.
The serial monitor on the computer that sends this data shows the value of the flex sensor quickly and accurately. However, the serial monitor of the computer that receives the data shows irregular and inaccurate data.

Really? In that case, I guess there is no problem.

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