HC05 burning even after using voltage regulator

I'm using two circuits for my wireless head mouse project, one of them is a transmitter circuit with Arduino Pro Micro, HC05 Bluetooth module, Elechouse Voice Recognition Module V3.1, GY-521 module based on the MPU6050 sensor. The receiver circuit (Arduino Pro Micro + HC05 Bluetooth) will receive the sensor readings from the transmitter circuit. Both modules were powered by USB from the laptop initially. They worked fine. To make the transmitter circuit completely detached from the laptop, I used a 9V battery, and a voltage regulator of 5V. The receiver circuit was still c. I should mention that I was using voltage dividers for both of the transmitter, and receiver circuit's HC05 Bluetooth modules. onnected to the laptop USB.

. After using the voltage regulator, the module was working fine but suddenly the HC-05 burnt, led stopped working. Transmission failed. HC05 of the receiver module also burnt after 2 minutes. Why did this happen? What's the solution?

Circuit connection: Hc05 connection same for transmitter & receiver circuit HC05 Tx -> Arduino Rx Hc 05 rx -> 2k ohm -> gnd Hc05 rx -> 1k ohm -> hc05 tx Hc05 vcc -> arduino 5v Hc05 gnd -> arduino gnd

Voice Recognition Module tx -> arduino 8 Rx -> Arduino 9 Vcc- 5v Gnd - gnd

Mpu6050 sda - Arduino 2 Scl- Arduino 3 Vcc - 5V Gnd- Gnd

Voltage regulator connection: The connection was 9V battery +ve to input, -ve to ground, output to Arduino 5V

It sounds like you got 9V into the parts and made crispy critters out of them. They are blown. Try this link and see if it helps: https://www.google.com/search?q=hc05+bluetooth+module&oq=HC05+Bluetooth+module&aqs=chrome.0.0l8.734j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Schematics always help and most times the designer will find a wiring error when drawing one.