Hc05 getting hot

Hello everyone, i am using a hc05 module powered by an asm1117 5v regulator with an input of 8v and the module gets hot atfer a couple of minutes, with time it get more and more even the regulator is heating

Some context may be useful for future helpers - 22 awg wire at 220v - #32 by alex0512343

Dispose of the regulator and the HC-05 safely, and start over.

Next time, triple check, then wait for a day and check twice again, that pinouts are correctly identified and wired before powering up the assembly.

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Post a wiring diagram.....

Sounds like something is broken or you have it wired wrong.

12v2A smps goes into a buck converter lm2596 hvs that ouptus 8v where i have 2 decoupling caps, one ceramic and one foil, 8v goes into the asm1117 5v regulator that have a 220uF cap betwen Vin and gnd and 100uf one at the hc05 input in paraled with a ceramic 104 cap. Tx of hc module goes to arduino rx and arduin tx to a level converter then in rx. My wonder is why the hc module gets hot and also the regulator

Read reply #4 again. Word sallad often leads to misunderstandings, and tiresome to use.

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