HC05 module connected to Analog pins not working

Respected sir,
on a website I have read that analog pins can be used to operate HC05 module and had tried to operate using this and had used the below code and it’s not working properly as a message from the phone is not getting printed on the serial monitor

I have an image of connections attached please take a look at them also

can you please help me out and tell my mistake

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial bluetooth(A5,A4);

void setup() 

void loop() 
 if( bluetooth.available()>0 )
    int value = bluetooth.read();

Wiring correct; maybe you have RX and TX swapped? Please show a wiring diagram (photo of hand drawn is fine).

Please read https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=148850.0 and pay special attention to point #7 about posting code using so-called code tags.

What happens if you remove the pinMode statements; the SoftwareSerial library takes care of that.

Which Arduino are you using? Not all will support software serial on A4 and A5.

I am using Arduino UNO.
Sorry for not reading point 7
I have tried also removing pinMode but it also doesn’t work as well

SoftwareSerial mySerial (rxPin, txPin);

The software serial constructor is from the point of view of the Arduino so in your case A5 is the Arduino RX and A4 is the Arduino TX

SoftwareSerial bluetooth(A5,A4);

The way two devices are connected is that RX>TX and TX>RX. Receivers connect to transmitters and visa versa. This can also be stated as the RX and TX are "cross connected".

Your image show the module RX connected to the Arduino RX(A5) and the module TX connected to the Arduino TX(A4). Change this so that RX>TX and TX>RX.

Thank you @cattledog it has established connection but now a problem has raised that if I send value 10 from the app it receives two values i.e 50 and 53

Probably because you're sending text and hence two charaters

50 would be the character 2, 53 would be the character 5

Okie @sterretje thanks I got that.
I need some more help related to the MIT app inventor that I am using 2 joysticks to control but as we know that it will send x-axis and y-axis values but I want to differentiate between the two joysticks values how can I do that.

You can send something like x=33 or y=345

You can read Robin’s updated Serial Input Basics to get some ideas about communication.

My suggestion would be <x=33> (for x), <y=345> (for y) and <x=33,y=345> (for both x and y in one go).

You will need to modify both the sender and the receiver; start with the latter and use serial monitor for testing. Once that is working properly, start working on the sender.