HC05 strange behavior

I have two Arduinos connected by HC05’s. First unit sends an automated sequence of events and the second follows. Just noticed something funny.

When they lose connection (in this test I turned the second off and waited for link light to go out) then I activated the a sequence of commands on the transmit device. Afterwards, when you turn on the second device back on and when it connects again, all those commands now occur all at once and without regard to timing... it’s annoying can can be bad if it’s critical operation.

Anyone else’s notice this strange behaviors? Is it possible to time out the retransmit in such an event?

Anyone try this?

One thing you can be sure of - there will be nothing strange about HC-05's behaviour. It's probably something to do with that secret code.

Try it. It’s the retransmit due to BT wanting ACK. The code is incredibly long and not the issue. I could write up a smaller test and recreate just the issue. It seems to store the commands when the link is lost then burst all the commands at once. Just be aware of the issue.

Sometimes, I would address this kind of issue by doing a comparison by using different modules from other vendors, this is one of the easiest ways to figure out whether it is a module problem or a coding problem.