HC05 uses two COM ports ?

I have a UNO + Ethernet Shield that has a simple program to upload via Serial about 10 lines of char data with each line having around 50 characters. Each line is well terminated with a CR+LF.

I have a BT module HC05 connected to the Serial Port of the UNO.

I am trying to simply read the data put out by the UNO on my PC after pairing the HC05 with my PC. Actually my PC reports finding two COM ports 5 and 6. And since COM 5 is for Incoming the data gets transferred well. No issues.

But I am unable to establish a two way connection as the Outgoing seems to be COM6.

Is this the way that HC05 behaves ? Any workaround for this ??

( The program that I run on PC is a LabVIEW code well tested for two way communication with the same UNO board but with USB cable at 9600 Baud)

Any suggestions ??