HC06 connection problem


I have a project to connect my PC to Arduino UNO via HC06 Bluetooth module. I accidentally connected +9V to HC06 Vcc and its absolute maximum voltage value is +7V. My PC is still able to find HC06 and pair with it, but when I open TeraTerm and try to connect, I got "cannot open COM9" error. Do you think it is broken although my laptop can find it?


I guess, if you can lean 9v against it, you can also get the Rx/Tx wiring round the wrong way too, so you might as well check that first. Successful pairing means just that, and is no guarantee the serial wiring is kosher, or even connected. Other than that, nobody can possibly tell you anything more than that you have clearly not totally destroyed the HC-06, and the only way you can get some progress is to substitute the players. Try to beg, borrow, or steal another laptop and see if you get some joy with that. I have a tablet that refuses to talk to my HC-06, but my laptop and my phone are fine with it.

FWIW, the tablet is fine with an HC-05. Don't ask why, or how I found out.