HD SMD2121 flexible led panel

I am interested in this panel because it is flexable and looks more durable than the WS2812B panels : It is a HD SMD2121, P4# Evercollectvision - Full color indoor flexible module, 256x128mm resolution, 64x32 dots,

Are they addressable ? Will they work with an Arduino Mega?
I can't find out in the searches I have done.
Thank you for any insights
The link to the product is here:


Well, since that listing gives absolutely no working information, we will not find out in a hurry! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Given the fancy examples they show of fast cars and scantily clothes ladies, what do you think?

Pretty much anything can be made to work with anything given sufficient time, knowledge and access to materials.

These take several video formatted signals: S-video, HDMI, etc. I guessing that anything you could send on those signals would work. In short they are not "addressable" so drivers like fastLED would not work.

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