I have three displays from various places, they have HD44100H chips on them and dont seem to work with LCD4Bit. There is a chance that they are all broken, but one of them should at least work.

The displays are following: Powertip PC1602F 16265-R3 (The only text that is on them)

Edit: As I actually removed the sticker on the second chip, I see its a HD44780 compatible chip (VL-103 44780SB90) so it should work somehow... I just need to figure out what I am doing wrong as the the 4line lcds I have work with the LCD4Bit wirering

Google is your friend (or, at least, wants to be 8-) )

The datasheet is on the web.

btw, google also turned up an interesting page with lots of LCD pinout info and hobbyist tips for various brands.