HD44780 16x2 type LCD-module and LiquidCrystal.h

Hi and thank you for your time.
I am a neewbe with Arduino.
Yesterday i connected it to a LCD-Display with 16char and 2 lines.
All commands work Ok except for “lcd.setCursor(0,1);” command.
The cursor just wont switch to the second line.
Moving the cursor to a position on the first line works fine.
Is there a problem with LiquidCrystal.h or is it just me? :-[
I tried to search the forums but there is just to meny threads to sort something out :-/



I got the same problem with LCD 8x2 W0805A-YGH Winstar. But I discovered that time to time after reset, arduino starts work with LCD properly. Then after the next resets it could work fine or writes all data in the first line again. I played around commands lcd.clear(), lcd.home(), delay() but have no solution yet.

It seems fixed in my case by placing little capacitor between LCD's power contacts.