HD44780 : I must reset to get it on


It seems my problem is relatively common but I don't really find a way to get it really reliable.
I must reset the arduino to get it on ::slight_smile:
I read something about adding a delay but it was not 100% reliable.

Any idea?

I must reset the arduino to get it on

What makes you think that? It is not true.

I ran into that problem myself.
You probably need to use the HD44780 software reset.

Check out the discussion here ...

Grumpy_Mike : I meant I have to reset the Arduino to see something on the lcd
Mike Rice : Thanks I will try that, the delay are in another location of the file than what I already tried.

I didn't get something reliable with those links but fixed it a hardware way :
My setup is a standalone Arduino.
The problem was that the lcd won't initialise if the voltage is too high.
I simply put my power switch between the regulator and circuit instead of between power jack and regulator.
Hope this can help sometime anyone else. :wink: