HDC1080 Temperature and Humidity Sensor, please help

Can anyone help me make a HDC1080 I2c sensor display the temperature and humidity on a 16x2 lcd?

Make two test-sketches. One to test the display and one to test the sensor. Use the Serial Monitor when you test the sensor.

Have you found a library for the HDC1080 ?
Do you have a 5V Arduino board ?
That is a 3.3V sensor, if you use a 3.3V Arduino board then you would not have a voltage conflict on the I2C bus.

Yes, I do have the library.
What code is used to make the lcd read the temperature and humidity?

I would hope the library for the sensor has some examples on how to use it - have a look at that

Good idea, the Library name is ClosedCube_HDC1080, Thanks

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