hdd motor

how to control hdd motor with arduino?
its 4 pin brushless dc motor.
on hdd was somekind of power limit 12V 0.29A, 5V 0.5A.
i think 2 pins are for rotor and other 2 are for stator. am i wright???
any ideas???

plz some help
i searched for a little bit and now i think that 3 pins are for signal and one for GND. i think its 3-phase motor.

Try this:-

plz other answers

If you did not understand that one then ask about what you didn't understand.

i dont understand the circuit
can someone draw schematics???

there is 3 wires to motor, but i have 4 pin motor
does it make difference??

The schematic is at step 8. Measure your motor. It could be that the fourth wire is either screen unconnected with the coils, or the centre node of the three coils. In which case for this schematic you don't have to connect it.

A 4-pin harddrive motor is coupled in a Y-fashion with the centre point brought out. You do not need to connect it.

A 3-pin motor can be either Delta or Y-coupled, but usually Y-coupled (all i have taken apart have the Y-point hidden in the windings)

A good read on Brushless motors, and showing the difference in WYE and Delta wind:


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