HDLC with Arduino Mega

Hello all, writing here for the first time. I have a mini project in which I got to implement synchronous HDLC channel with microcontroller. HDLC channel consists of Data and CLock differential Pair. I have arduino Mega and searched and found that there is a library Arduhdlc that implements HDLC on Arduino. I am confused that this library uses only one serial channel and as far as I know there should be two channels one for data and pne for clock. How do I achieve this please guide? Thanks.

As far as you can trust Wikipedia, HDLC doesn't define the physical layer of the communication. So if your channel consists of two differential pairs for data and clock it's comparable to HDLC over I2C.

As you failed to provide a link to the library you're referring to I assume you used this one. This library simply construct the packet frame and calculates the CRC. It's not a complete implementation of HDLC so you might have to extend it for your purpose but as you also failed to provide information to what you're trying to connect to you have to decide that yourself.

If you need more help, provide the needed information. Complete schematics of the hardware used, links to the manual of the device you're trying to connect to, etc.

Ok, So I have a card I traced that and connections I have shown in the attached schematics. The specs say that card uses half duplex BIT BUS (HDLC) interface. I want to design a card that can communicate with this card. For this if I use arduino running ArduHDLC, how do I connect Arduino and the card together? Would the library be able to receive HDLC packet? Please suggest what should I do.

Still no links to the used components. I know what a MAX1480 is but Google doesn't know anything about GAL208 or UMC80C152.

You write about some specs but don't post a link to it. Without the necessary information we cannot help you.