He tulp needed in making my intruder alert system

I'm making an intruder alert system using an Arduino Uno , a Wifi shield, a GSM shield , a PIR sensor and a camera. What I want my system to do is take a picture when the PIR sensor detects motion and text/email me a picture and record a 30 second video. Can anyone help me?

Probably not. The Arduino is an extremely poor choice for anything to do with images.

Not even the Yun or Due ? Well then what kind of board do you suggest? How about the Intel Edison

How about a Raspberry Pi, or an Intel based, multi-core PC? Those're cheap nowadays. But you need to learn high level operating system stuff.

... which I hate. But people are doing wondrous stuff with full on computers.

BUT you could use an Arduino to detect the motion, collect some other local data (such as sound levels, broken contacts, and lights), then activate the more computational intensive processes on other systems: video, alarm and notification. Running the low level processes of a complex system is an Arduino's forte.

I'm not thinking about getting into the advanced stuff yet, I'm still a noob. I wanna stick to Arduino for now.

It's alright if I can't attach pictures to the text message, a text notification of the sensor being tripped will do, I just want the camera to record 20-30-second video clips when the PIR sensor detects motion. Can you give me step-by-step instructions on what I need to do and how and also help me write the code for it. Thanks :)