Head motion detector?

Hello: I've posted on this site before and got some really great guidance/help so I am hoping that I will have repeat luck.

I am looking for some guidance... And feasibility-ance...

I want the Arduino to detect head turn or motion. I would like this to correlate with 3 videos. So if you turned your head a little to the left, right, or straight ahead the videos would start and stop. I do not want to make a device for someone to wear. Is there a sensor that can detect subtile motions like that?

Thanks for the guidance!

I do not want to make a device for someone to wear.

This was going to be a real challenge anyway but with this constraint I would say pretty much impossible.

The issue is that the Arduino does not have the processing power of your iPhone or digital camera, so it will not be able to inspect real time video for eyes or anything else that might be associated with a human head.

And it's not just about movement is it? It's about orientation of the head, that is, it is now facing left, straight or right? Your camera can detect eyes, smiles and so on but I'm pretty sure the Arduino would not stand a chance, not even one of the more powerful ones such as a Due.

How were you envisioning this to work?

TrackIR does this with a camera-based system. It requires reflectors worn on your hat for the best results. I'm sure their API is published somewhere so you could have one of these plugged into your PC and get the data.

Does the Microsoft Kinect have head orientation as one of its outputs? I've never used one.

The Pixy camera is very easy to integrate with Arduino and it may be able to do some of this image processing, although its primary utility is "find the yellow square" and not orientation.

Hello! Thanks for your replies! I figured that this might be an impossible thing for the Arudino but wanted to give it a shot before I invest in finding cheap webcams.

I wanted to have 3 different videos next to each other and depending on the angle of your head it would play or pause the video.

I am taking a class now and my professor said that this is something I can achieve without the Arduino and just making a program with Processing.

Anyways, thank you for all the input and advice into this project! It helped me immensely! Now… if I could only find cheap webcams…