Header pins for an LCD?

I’ve got a NHD[ch8208]0216K3Z[ch8208]FL[ch8208]GBW (FunGizmos.com) I2C display running on my Arduino - No problems with that, but I’m tired of seeing a rats nest of jumper wires to/from my protoboards, and thus would like to clean things up as much as possible.

Do most LCD displays accept standard single-row header? I’ve been out of electronics so long (30+ years) that I no longer even know what to ask for. Basically, I’d like to create a 3 wire harness from the Arduino to my LCD display, but I don’t want to soldier directly to the display’s PCD. Instead, I’d like pins similar to what are on the Arduino, and cut the header to the proper length/pin count.

Thanks for any suggestions!


It should have the standard spacing so you can solder on a header. If the pin holes line up with a row of holes on your proto board then it will take a header.