Headers and Interconnects??

Does anyone know where to get male and female headers, as well as cable all on the cheap(like the three-pin servo extension cable)? I know you can find those at Digikey and Mouser in large quantities, but what specifications? And I know Parallax sells them to the right specs, but you can’t order in bulk from them; it’ll cost too much just for a bunch of wire and metal.

These guys have a large range of radio control stuff at good prices: Bphobbies.com

Fortunately for you, I spent the last several hours putting together an order for headers and interconnects today, so here’s all the part #s for what I found at decent prices:

Lynxmotion has a variety of servo extension cables as well as a really fair priced “connector kit” so that you can make your own interconnects.

The only thing that the Lynxmotion kit doesn’t include is the housings for the pin receptacles (which I prefer). I found these for really cheap at Jameco (part #s: 100812 for 2 pin, 157383 for 3 pin, 100803 for 4 pin and check out the rest on the PDF of the catalog page). The female crimp pins are part # 100766 and the male ones are 145358. Jameco recommends a $12.00 pin crimper (# 159266) but they also sell the same one as comes with the lynxmotion kit for the same crimp pins (part # 99443) for a couple bucks less.

I also found that Jameco had the best prices on male pin headers (among the vendors I searched). The usual 40-pin, .1" pitch, straight break-apart male headers are part #160882 and they’re only $0.52 a piece for 10 on more. Here’s the PDF catalog page for the other male header pins, including right angle pins.

Jameco had pretty good prices for female headers, but they don’t have a whole lot of options when it comes to the number of pins. Part #s for straight .1" pitch female headers are 70755 for 8 contacts, 200782 for 12 contacts and 308567 for 20 contacts.

Finally, I needed some right-angle, single row female headers (which few places seem to carry) and I was able to find some at Digikey; part #s S4384-ND for 10 position, S5479-ND for 4 position, and S5478-ND for 3 position and they have lots more in other numbers of contacts and with tin or gold (start on page 163 of the PDF catalog).

I hope all this helps. These are all the part numbers I used and they should all work well together, but my order hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t verify that all these are 100% correct or what the quality of each of these parts is like.

On a somewhat related note, maybe if some people are able to create a list of common parts and part#s for Arduino projects (such as headers, interconnects, voltage regulators, caps, resistors, etc.) we could put together a list on octopart or a wiki or something? I feel like trying to navigate the various electronics retailers’ sites for the “correct” parts can be a big obstacle for someone just learning about microcontrollers and electronics (not implying that this is you, quackmaster7000). Any thoughts about this or does something like this exist already?

EDIT: Yep, something like this does exist already! Found it in this thread.

Thanks a LOT. That definitely helps. I figured the cheapest ones would come from Jameco; they have great prices.

I found a good supplier! I figured I’d just get a bunch of hearers/cables/interconnects from Sparkfun; they have everything.


I’ve been looking everywhere for those square post male crimp pins.

yw :wink:

Like so many things, Futurlec carries a whole bunch of pin headers (male, female, etc) for cheaper than anyone else I can find.
Some people hate them, some people like them. I always receive my purchases, but other people apparently have issues.

These are sized perfectly for the Arduino to stack-through PCBs on top.