Headlight halo on my bike

Thought I would share my first project, this is a halo installed in the headlight of my 2008 Yamaha Raider S, it is running 2 RGB LED's and an Arduino Uno I know the flashing (particularly the red and blue) are a big no no so this particular sketch does not run while driving the sketch I run while driving has red fade on, then flickers white until white comes on solid at which time it stays on solid. I still have some things to work out but I am happy with the end result.


Neat. All that from just 2 LEDs?

Yes sir, just two LED's and your help!

me pesonally? or "me" the forum in general?

you personally

Ok, glad I was able to help at some point 8)

I really like your headlight halo! Can you link or show what and where you got the stuff to make the halo? I would love to make something like what you have!

Thanks, Mark