headphones jack on amplifier

i have put together speakers for my desktop and it sounds really good. But i wanted to watch a video with headphones on but had to get to the back of my computer and unplug the speakers and plug in my headphones. This is pretty annoying and instead i want a way to add a headphones jack to my speakers on my desk.

How can I make a circuit for a headphone jack on speakers, that when you plug in the headphones the speakers stop playing audio

just like this:

thanks for any help!

You can use a stereo headphone jack with integral NC switches on each channel so the speakers can be
disengaged as the headphones are plugged in. Note that volume may need adjusting down before plugging
'phones in with this method.

is it easy to make a circuit for this myself?

What experience do you have? Can you solder?

yes i've been doing electronics for almost a decade

Then it should be easy. Well there is the reverse engineering of the existing speaker/amp wiring to deal with, so hopefully its easy… If its filterless class-D that could be an issue.

If you don't want to dismantle and drill holes in your speaker case, CPC or others sell 3.5mm stereo extension leads, plug one end, socket on other. You could mount a switched 3,5mm socket in the middle, (in a small box, if needed) and position it where it is convenient.

o crap i think i had this wrong.
When you plug in headphones to the jack there is a physical switch being triggered to sense it being plugged in?
Or is an internal circuit checking for a resistance change or something across the headphone jack?

some panel mounted sockets have switches built in, the plug pushes the contacts away from where they are when no plug is inserted,. I've not found any in-line sockets like that. but i've not checked.

yeah your right thanks. i just tested one on my own. I'll just connect the jack to the audio input and connect the output of the jack switches to the speakers.

I like your 'tag line' - many of us were 15, once upon a time, dunno about being smart, 'tho.