HeadsUp on a ESP8266 / ESP32 ESP-NOW-wrapper-Library

Hi everybody,

just today I discovered user yoursunny has published a ESP-NOW library
that encapsulates all the coding-details about setting up a ESP-NOW-connection.

it can be found here

I donwloaded the code as a zipfile and unzipped it. The folder-structue does not match the rquierments for easy installing with the add-zip-library function of the arduino-IDE.
So I rearranged the folder-structure manually.
If a library shall be accessible withing a standard include-command the library has to stored this way

assuming the Arduino-IDE has all its libraries in the folder

the structure must be

a folder with the exact same name as the library itself and inside this folder the library

similar principle for example-codes that shall show up under file - examples - ....
in the same directory ....Documents\Arduino\libraries*WifiEspNow*
a subfolder "examples"

there are two libraries
1: WifiEspNow
**2: **WifiEspNowBroadcast

WifiEspNowBroadcast does not broadcasting using a mac-adress FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
each member is setup as a software-AP and this enables scanning all available software-APs
to retrieve the mac-adresses

all the details are encapsulated in the library. This makes it much easier to use than coding all the details about adding peers etc. yourself

I attach two zip-files that have the folder.structure to copy them into the folder

best regards Stefan

WifiEspNow.zip (3.96 KB)

WifiEspNowBroadcast.zip (4.33 KB)