Health-Checking a Combination of Components

Hello all, I wanted to ask guidance on the components of a project that I will be putting together to make a PCB, to make an arduino watch. The idea is to make it as small as possible.

The components that I am thinking of putting together are:

ATMega32U4QFN. (Would there be any advantage in using the ATMega328?)

Battery Charger:

Voltage Regulator:
MIC5219-3.3YM5. This is the 3.3v one.

Real time Clock
DS3231MZ+. Of course, with a small coin cell.

Bluetooth Module
HM-11. If anyone has a recommendation of a smaller one I’d like to hear it.

OLED Display
I2C Driven OLED Display. Either this one or this one.

Micro USB Connector

3.7 300mAh LIPO Battery

I just want to make sure that this seems like a good combination of components, where nothing is too advanced for the other components.

I also wanted to know if you had any recommendations for me as this is the first time I will be designing a PCB.


Quite a challenging project, for a first PCB.

Quite a challenging project, for a first PCB.

Is there anything that worries you in particular?