Hearing Aid Finder?

Would anyone care to chime-in on using an Arduino to use as a hearing aid finder? I have misplaced mine on occasion and for the kind that I have, I know that there is an RF link between the left and right units to allow for certain functions (like turning the volume up and down on both w/out having to push the buttons on both, also to change modes, etc).

Recently, after losing one of my hearing aids and after speaking with my local Audiologist (who fitted my hearing aids) I asked him if he knew about what kind of communication link exists between the two units and he called his Technical Support rep who told him that the comm link is "proprietary", and could offer no more help than to say that "....most people find them.....". Well I DID find mine in the yard but it was a lucky find.

The hearing aids I have are "Widex" and I think that the RF link MUST be something simple and low-bandwidth (like Bluetooth LE) but the Tech Rep just re-stated that "...the link ISN'T bluetooth", but would offer no more details beyond stating that the link is proprietary. I was surprised that the Tech Rep would not even volunteer ANY information, not even the frequency of the link.

Does anyone know of any resources out there to find the frequency band? I don't have access to a spectrum analyzer to answer my question for me.....Any help is appreciated!

The tech rep is a moron. Operating frequency and any FCC class labeling should be published public info. Call them again and man up.

A quick search for Widex FCC documents shows the frequency may be 10.2 MHz.

Hey thanks.....I also just found some ancillary equipment that Widex offers to be able to "stream" audio from a bluetooth device.....thanks for the help everyone!