heart beat in a egg yes/no/possible

ive read lots of stuff on the internet including university reports of reading a heart rate in a developing egg. Most claim to be non invasive from infra-red to ecg. A quick test showed that the electrical conductance of a egg is higher than my meter set to meg-ohm could read so im not sure ecg is a option.

You can see the heart beat in white light as long as the egg is a light colored shell. Im not sure infra-red does better at passing though a darker colored object.

Sound works but at 20,000 times amplification one company claims. The unit has be well insulated against background sounds which means moving a egg that has to maintained at temp/humidity quickly in and out of the unit. (theres no way to maintain the unit at a set internal temp with out major background noise).

So im thinking of trying 4 ir leds one side and a sensor the other side of the egg foam sealed to prevent outside light. I expect the heart rate to be between 100-300 av 240 and ive seen some code that seems to be close that's available for personal heart beat measurement. Im not looking for a wave pattern just a heart beat number.

does anyone have a better idea?