Heart Pulse sensor analog value doesn't change even if sensor pressed by finger

I have recently bought a Heart Pulse Sensor. Then, to check whether the sensor is working correctly or not, I uploaded this below code:

void setup() {

void loop() {
 int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
 delay(1);        // delay in between reads for stability

I know, that this code doesn’t calculate the actual BPM. It sends 380-400 sensor value through
the Serial monitor, while the sensor is not being pressed by my finger. But when I press it with
my finger, the sensor value doesn’t even come out of the range 380-400. But the sensor value was supposed to jump over 500 when a beat happened.

I think, that probably means my sensor is unable to detect beats. And now, my question is, why
my sensor is unable to detect beats?

After looking at some forums, I learned that this sensor can be a clone. After looking at my sensor
carefully, I found some little differences in my sensor than the sensors other people used in their
tutorials. And, the most spottable differences were:
*the colors of my sensor’s pre-soldered jumper wires were different than other sensors.
*“pulsesensor.com” was written in the other sensors, but it wasn’t written on my sensor

There were also some other differences. I have attached three pictures(size less than 800kb)
of my pulse sensor in the attachments option below. And one picture I attached from the
pulsesensor.com website.

My final questions:-

  1. Why my pulse sensor is unable to detect beats?
  2. Is my pulse sensor a clone or not?
  3. If it is a clone, can it be fixed som how?
    4? Do I need to buy another one?

That’s all I know. Can anyone help me! Any help appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

Why do people think seeing pictures can answer technical questions that can only be answered by seeing the actual documentation on the device in question?